Welcome to GlendaWalters.com

Welcome…  It is my hope you will find things of interest here.  I started this website after completing a life long dream of publishing my book, “This Place That I Go…”  I will be adding to the website as time goes on and posting some of my experiences, along with yours as well. I hope you will be comfortable sharing your stories with me and/or others. As the site grows, a page will be provided for you to post your life-changing events, that will… in turn, uplift others. This website will hold life’s journeys, upcoming books that I’m working on, parables/poems, and other spiritual and breathtaking events.

In my book, “This Place That I Go…” you may find some of the stories unbelievable at first, especially for those who do not acknowledge that another world exists. The world I’m referring to resides within another dimension. Let me assure you that the stories within these pages are true.

There are those who have come to believe  that we knew one another… within our inner circle here, before we came into this world. It is their theory that we were meant to forget what we knew before we were born in order to concentrate on our lessons… our missions here. Many individuals who encountered a near-death experience stated they were told by God/Jesus they would not be able to remember everything that was shown/told to them, that it would hinder them in their “spiritual growth” here on earth. Those individuals that theorize we knew one another before our birth, believe that God created the spirit first. Therefore, individuals who played, or now play a role in our lives could possibly have known us before we were born here.

Some would have you believe in Heaven and not Hell… in angels, but not demons. Yet, for some Hospice patients and individuals who died and were later revived, they shared with me that they were shown both Hell and Heaven when they crossed over. These same individuals stated that they encountered angels and dark spirits when they traveled through the tunnel to the other side. However, others shared that they traveled straight to the light, never experiencing the dark side.

It is my wish that the words within these pages heal old wounds, uplift those who are depressed, and give renewed strength to those who have lost all hope. May it bring closure to those who have lost loved ones, and may it provide proof that our spirits do live on once we die. It was written for you to take something from it… to assure you that your own supernatural encounters and dream-like “visitations” could be for real.